Little Mouse

I can't stop working! I am having so much fun with the animal series. I think I can do anything. This is another little painting (4"x6") that I finished. It has a lot of texture. 
I don't know what it is about this theriocephaly art that attracts so many people. I saw some very cool Photoshoped pictures of human bodies with animal head.
Now I'm working on the figurines to go with the painting. Stay tuned :)


Welcome, here you will be able order commissioned art directly from me.

Prices varies for commissioned art.
Include taxes if you live in Texas.

When you are ready to order I will need to know favorite colors, other items to include in the painting, different finishes (crackle, antiquing gel, beeswax)
Custom orders ordinarily take three to eight weeks to finish (depending on size)
I will send you sketches for approval before starting to paint.
A deposit is required after the sketch is approved and the rest will be paid when the painting is finished.

Important: After 2 subjects, each additional subject (including pets or people) will cost $10 extra.


Crackle effect



I work with regular and deep edge canvas (1 1/2 in) Deep edge is not available in all sizes. Just request the size and I will let you know


Deep Edge

If you are interested in a custom painting, leave a comment in this section (the comment will not appear here)
Thank you so much!

Adriana Whitney


"Working on commission, creating a work of art on spec from scratch, is totally different than selling a finished piece at a show, at a gallery, or out of your studio. Selling a completed work of art is an event; producing a work of art on commission for another party is a relationship"